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How Do I Know if I Can Be Hypnotised?
Most of us can recall a time when we have reached our destination without actually noticing how we got there, that is because we were in a trance state, our mind was focused elsewhere. Virtually everyone can enter the hypnotic state using the right techniques and a hypnotherapist with whom you can build a good rapport. Some of the best hypnotic subjects are intelligent people with a strong ability to visualise.

Is There Anything I Can Do Before My Session To Make Going Into Trance Easier?
Those who meditate regularly go into trance quicker as they are more practiced in quieting the analytical mind. If you do meditate you could try making it a regular part of your daily routine in the weeks prior to your session.

Will I Be Unconscious?

EEG recordings show that during hypnosis you are more alert than during the waking state. It is similar to daydreaming or to how you feel in the few seconds before you drop off to sleep, when your attention is focused inwards and you are less aware of what is going on around you. You are in a state of deep relaxation where the analytical part of your mind closes down and you are able to tap into the resources in your unconscious mind.

Will I Still Be In Control?
Definitely. You retain full control throughout entire hypnotherapy session. You cannot be made to do anything against your wishes and will not disclose anything that you wish to keep a secret.

What Happens If I Need The Toilet?
If you need the toilet your body will still transmit this information to you and you will be able to tell the therapist, who will halt the session and be able to resume when you return.

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